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 November 8, 2011

Hilltop Elementary and Mountain View Middle Schools in Mendham, NJ

                We just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to meet with you today. Your presentation was concise and yet very informative. The students loved participating and asking questions. The Teachers were very impressed with the format and content of your presentation and also with your were ability to keep the students engaged. We couldn't have been more happy with you. We would love considering having you come back...perhaps when your sequel is published?

The Co-Chairs of the Mendham Boro HSA Book Fair Committee
Carrie Skuraton
Kristin Anderson
Susan Oths

 March 4, 2011

Dear Mrs. Tufariello:
                On behalf of the students and faculty from St. John Vianney School, we would like to thank you for coming to our school this morning.  We enjoyed meeting you and hearing you tell us a little bit about your new book, The Breakthrough!  It seems as if there will be many students purchasing the book at our Book Fair next week. 
                We would also like to let you know that we enjoyed the many pointers you shared with us about writing, brainstorming, and having faith as a young writer.  We think that maybe you should start writing a sequel and perhaps you will include our school in your next book! 
                We wish you much success with your next book, and it was our pleasure to have you at our school.

The Students of St. John Vianney School
Colonia, NJ

 November 12, 2010

“Ann Tufariello visited our 5th grade. During part of her 45 minute presentation, she read to the students from her book, The Breakthrough. She also explained the publishing process and gave the students some tools to use when they encounter difficulties in the writing process. The students were captivated by her candid description of her struggles and perseverance as she worked to get her book published. Many of the students are reading The Breakthrough, and plan to read the sequel on which she is currently working. I hope to have her back next year to inspire that budding group of writers. ”

Jill Butkus
5th grade teacher
St. Patrick School, Chatham, NJ

 October 29, 2010

“Ann Tufariello gave a great presentation that excited the kids and teachers at Kings Road School. Her high energy combined with her interactive program and insightful comments really motivated the students. She read from her novel and then gave concrete examples that directly related back to the selection that she had read. Her personal observations about the writing process and the attempts to get published gave the kids a true glimpse into the life of a writer. The students could hardly wait to get their hands on their very own copy of the book! ”

Margie Ticknor
Kings Road Elementary
Madison, NJ

 October 19, 2010

“Last week, Ann Tufariello presented her book The Breakthrough at our school for the fourth and fifth grades. Her presentation was phenomenal; we couldn’t have asked for it to integrate reading and writing better! Mrs. Tufariello summarized the main idea of her book for the students, sparking the students’ interests, which made them want to start reading the book immediately after the presentation was over. Mrs. Tufariello also shared the writing process with our students. She gave them suggestions as to what to do when they are “stuck,” something that happens frequently with emerging authors. Our students were able to relate to Mrs. Tufariello as growing readers and writers because she was very personable and authentic. The students were extremely excited about the presentation and the book that many went home and shared what they had learned during the presentation with their parents. Mrs. Tufariello’s presentation is a must see and her book is a must read. Thank you for coming to our school Mrs. Tufariello, you truly inspired our students to continue reading and writing!”

Jennifer McCafferty
5th grade teacher
Rawlings Elementary School, Pinellas Park, FL

 October 21, 2010

“My 5th grade students are so excited to read The Breakthrough. They were captivated by your read-aloud, and now they are lining up to check out your book so they can find out what happens to Jack! Thank you for the great creative writing presentation. The students were totally engaged, and I know they learned a lot! It really sparked their interest in developing their own ideas, too! You did a wonderful job. Thanks for visiting us!”

Deanna Russo
5th grade teacher
St. Patrick Catholic School
Largo, FL

 October 20, 2010

“My students were especially excited for writer’s workshop today. We referenced The Breakthrough during our discussion on "leads." We can't thank you enough for taking time out of your very busy day to visit our class. We will definitely keep in touch and look very forward to the release of your sequel.”

Lisa Cotilla
4th Grade Teacher
Shore Acres Elementary
St. Petersburg, FL

 October 1, 2010

“Ann Tufariello eloquently brought to life her book The Breakthrough by describing the author’s process and where ideas come from. Our 4th grade students were fortunate to have such a great presenter give them insight into the process of publishing a book.”

Jim Stricchiola
4th Grade Teacher
Madison, New Jersey

Yantacaw Elementary School in Nutley, NJ April 23, 2010

“Ann Tufariello gave our students a dynamic, exciting presentation. It allowed them a look behind the scenes of a working author. She shared many interesting aspects of the writing process and offered suggestions to help them improve their writing skills. With the emphasis on writing in the state testing, her presentation was quite timely. Her enthusasium encouraged a room full of future authors.”

Becky Olivo
Yantacaw Elementary School
Nutley, NJ

Cypress Woods Elementary School, Palm Harbor, FL 2/19/10

“Just wanted to drop you an email to thank you again for visiting our SEM cluster last Friday. Your presentation was wonderful! As the students in this cluster are interested in learning about, and creating graphic novels, the information you provided was incredibly enlightening and interesting. As was evidenced in the discussion at the end, the students gained lots of great ideas and seemed eager to begin working on their novels immediately! In addition, as a teacher of writing, I, too had several “aha!” moments and gathered some really useful insight on how to help my students when they get stuck or suffer from a case of writer’s block! My students and I look forward to reading your book, The Breakthrough, and the sequel as well! Thank you again,”

Marilee Bonnici
Cypress Woods Elementary
Palm Harbor FL

Redwood Elementary in West Orange, NJ 1/22/10

“As we planned for our special Author Day with Ann Tufariello, we knew it would be most exciting and it lived up to our expectations. Students in the upper elementary grades were invited to share in this special event. Ann read an excerpt from her novel, The Breakthrough, and then detailed the steps she went through to have her story published. She told her personal story of determination and love of writing with pure excitement. Throughout the presentation, students were engaged and left inspired to put their thoughts down on paper. Students were allowed to purchase a personally signed copy of her novel. Then, she shook hands with each of them, thanked them for their purchase, and told them to enjoy the ride...”

Danielle DeRosa
Reading Specialist
Redwood School

Our lady of the Lake Grammar School Verona, NJ 1/13/10

“Ann Tufariello gave an enthusiastic presentation not just about her recently published book “The Breakthrough” but also regarding how she went about writing and publishing her book. The students were very enthusiastic as witnessed by the myriad of questions they asked the author.”

Sr. Mary Agnes Sullivan, Principal
Our Lady of the Lake School
Verona, NJ

Woodrow Wilson Elementary School Westfield, NJ 1/8/10

“The students and teachers really enjoyed your visit. You were entertaining and very knowledgeable. We all found your book talk interesting and the power point presentation was well done. The children were involved and asked interesting questions. The Wilson School students and teachers await your next book!”

Ms. Dianne Smith, Library Media Specialist
Wilson Elementary School
Westfield, NJ

Bedwell Elementary School Bernardsville, NJ 12/17/09

“Students at our school were treated to a rare and wonderful event last week when Ann Tufariello visited to discuss what it’s like to write a book. Her frank and honest descriptions of the writing, editing, submission, and rejection processes were both humorous and encouraging to students who love to write. Her discussion was accentuated by an accompanying PowerPoint presentation that underscored her talking points at an age-appropriate level. By far the students’ favorite part of the presentation was when Ms. Tufariello read aloud a portion of The Breakthrough; how exciting to hear an author read her own words! Her warm and candid manner, as well as her vivid imagination and talent, won her a roomful of new fans!”

Ms. Emily Pike, Gifted Education Specialist
Bedwell Elementary School
Bernardsville, NJ

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