The breakthrough-book

◊ The Breakthrough

Thirteen-year old Jack is plucked from the clutches of a riptide by his older brother, Michael. When Michael slides into a coma, Jack can’t live with the guilt. He wanders to a carnival and sneaks into a hot air balloon basket. Without warning, the balloon lifts into the air, transporting Jack to the fourth dimension where Earth isn’t the only inhabited planet. His first stop takes him to Venus, where a Venusian gives Jack a magic crystal to heal his brother. ...Jack thinks his problems are solved, but they are just beginning! While attempting to make things right, Jack unintentionally crash lands on Pluto- a planet controlled by the tyrant Danko. Danko learns of the crystal and will stop at nothing to seize it, and ultimately control Earth.

◊ Characters

Here are just a few characters you will meet in The Breakthrough..

Jack, Protagonist

Jack Barton

Jack Barton- Thirteen-year old Jack Barton is like any other kid in Mendham, New Jersey until tragedy turns his world upside down. Jack is plucked from the clutches of a riptide by his older brother, Michael. Now Michael has slipped into a coma and Jack can’t live with the guilt. He sneaks into a hot air balloon basket at a carnival and lands on Venus. When Jack receives a magic crystal, he thinks his problems are solved...but they are just beginning. If Jack could locate the forbidden secret notes, he could heal his brother with the crystal. Soon, Jack finds himself on Pluto battling the tyrant, Danko. Danko will stop at nothing to snatch the crystal, but Jack won’t give it up so easily.


Hydra- a hideous, three-headed snake from Maldek with a taste for revenge on all three of her tongues. Hydra blames Danko and his nuclear experiments for her deformed condition. If only Hydra could uncover the secret notes, she could get even with Danko...

Danko, the evil in Pluto


Danko- an evil being who looks at the universe through yellow eyeballs and a pock-marked face. After he destroyed the planet Maldek in a nuclear war against his brother, Danko seized control of Pluto. But Danko’s power will not last unless he can snatch Jack’s crystal...

The firestone-book

◊ The Firestone


Thirteen year-old Jack Barton is awakened by a knock at his front door. The police are searching for a missing kid named Bradley and think Jack might know something. When Jack's bed-ridden brother offers details about Bradley's disappearance, Jack is baffled.

Following cryptic clues, Jack boards a mysterious roller coaster that blasts him to the fourth dimensional planet of Jupiter. Soon Jack discovers that the Dark Forces are kidnapping kids and making them go on a deadly scavenger hunt. With Jupiter crumbling under the weight of so much negative energy, time is running out for Jack and the others. To defeat the Dark Forces and find a way back home, Jack must solve the riddle of the ancient Firestone.

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